Provider of efficient systems for the mass rearing of insect larvae

Entoprot’s insect bioreactor is the most efficient and economical way to produce insect larvae. Our insect rearing devices can be extensively automated to minimize the need for labor and to ensure consistent high-quality processes.

Low-cost automation

Easy and low-cost automation minimizes manual labor and ensures consistent high quality

Cost-effective production

High-yield and fast bioprocesses, excellent feed-conversion rate.


The first real bioreactor for mass-production of larvae. Result of two decades research. Homogenous and consistent conditions.


Bioreactors exploit the full growth potential of larvae, which can fill 70 % of the reactor volume.

EntoReactor is the First automated bioreactor for rearing insect larvae

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Entoprot insect bioreactor

The most efficient and economical way to produce insect larvae.

In nature black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) like to grow in moist environment forming dense cultures. Entoprot’s insect bioreactor, EntoReactor, can provide such optimal and controlled conditions for mass rearing of larvae. Bioreactor-based system outperforms vertical farming (stacked boxes) and allows inexpensive automation. The growth of BSFL can be monitored and controlled accurately.

Entoprot as a Company

We are enthusiastic, skillful and innovative experts on entomology, bioreactor design & technical implementation, microbial processes and automation. The team has built an impressive knowledge-base of insect rearing and insct economy, and has experienced persons to develop the business.

We are seeking collaboration with insect protein companies and business enteprises operating in animal feed and pet food sectors.


Entoprot will provide insect factories with technology capable for animal protein production with costs far below fishmeal price. Aside animal feed and petfood production we wish to soon witness the use of insect protein in human nutrition.


Entoprot wants to be in the center of insect protein.We want to get partners throughout the protein production chain (farmers, protein factories, food/feed industry)

Strategic Goal

Entoprot aims to be the leading provider of larvae rearing technology for all-size insect protein factories.

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