Led Finland Ltd provides lighting technology for BSF breeding

Entoprot collaborates with Led Finland Ltd for development and marketing lamps suitable for breeding black soldier flies. Led Finland Ltd has a long experience in manufacturing energy-efficient LED technology-based lighting for commercial greenhouses and households. Led Finland is one of the first R&D development company for LED technology in whole Europe.

CEO of Led Finland Ltd, Mr. Pekka Timonen explains:

When Entoprot contacted us, we were immediately ready to take the  challenge. Our company is able to utilize the latest energy-efficient  LED technology, and we can manufacture lighting devices according to customer specifications. Entoprot explained us which wavelength ranges are essential and which lighting energies are needed. That’s why already the first prototypes worked very well. We foresee that the market for lamps suitable for insect breeding is growing rapidly, and we want to be part of it. We have learned with Entoprot that the quality and quantity of light play a decisive role in the reproduction of the black soldier fly.


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