Insect Bioreactor

Entoprot insect bioreactor

Entoprot’s EntoReactor is the first automated bioreactor system for growing insects.

It is ideal for rearing black soldier fly larvae. In terms of productivity, one cubic meter of bioreactor space corresponds to roughly 170 square meters area covered by cultivation boxes (or 17 m2 with 10 boxes are stacked).

We have realized that nowadays insect farming depends on either cheap labor or expensive automation. This is why have developed EntoReactor, a system suitable for companies of all sizes. Our goal was to minimize the use of space and manpower and maximize productivity.

In general, the development of insects struggles with three major challenges:

  1. how to prevent larvae from crushing
  2. how to ensure adequate ventilation and
  3. how to provide enough feed with sufficient mixing


We have solved these problems with our unique, patented insect bioreactor system. The EntoReactor has a slowly rotating drum with very efficient ventilation and automation which controls feeding, ventilation, temperature and humidification.

  • EntoReactor’s ingenious internal structures prevent the larvae from crushing during the rearing process.
  • The feed is added as a thick slurry with an automatic feed pump. Also dry feed can be added to the bioreactor.
  • Feeding is based on the fed-batch principle. With such “on-demand” feeding, the larvae use the feed very efficiently.
  • Dead weight does not accumulate inside the bioreactor and the conditions remain airy.
  • Thanks to controlled feeding and efficient feed conversion, little frass is produced.


EntoReactor is equipped with an automation platform that allows you to monitor and control the process over internet or intranet.