Literature and Useful Links

Insect rearing is a combination of art and science. To become a master in this area information must be searched from various sources and applied in a creative manner. Like all workmanship, insect rearing involves a lot of silent knowledge and in-house information. Entoprot’s however wants to provide standardized conditions for BSFL rearing. We want to provide our customers with the essential info and skills and, above all, we want to encourage new customers to start insect rearing business. This is why we want to share the key information and scientific articles with you in our new page “Literature and Useful Links”. We intent to update this section every month, so it will be beneficial for you visit this page regularly. Note that some key references  on black soldier fly have already been presented in page Black soldier fly.

Latest info from promotional organizations:

2020-05-12 “Insects in products such as pasta or bread, microalgae, and single-cell proteins derived from wood could feed and nourish humans and animals in the future. Now, those exploring alternative proteins for more sustainable eating are working out how to make the switch to bug-based food a reality. 

2020-05-07 “A consortium of partners under ValuSect (“Valuable Insects”) proposes to improve the sustainable production and processing techniques of insect-based products and transfer developed knowledge to agri-food businesses in North-West Europe by issuing funding vouchers this fall.”

Links from IPIFF

These are links to the documents provided by IPIFF (International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed)

LinkDescription PAPER: The contribution of the European insect sector to improving sustainability from ‘Farm to Fork EUROPEAN INSECT SECTOR TODAY: CHALLENGES, OPPORTUNITIESAND REGULATORY LANDSCAPE, IPIFF vision paper on the future of the insect sector towards 2030 Insects and Human Nutrition Benefits of Insects in Animal Feed HIGH STANDARDSOF ANIMAL WELFARE IN INSECT PRODUCTION

Other relevant papers


The links below direct to scientific papers which we think are relevant for people cultivating BSFL. Note that we provide only links pointing to the official pages of the publishing houses or to the summary pages such as PUBMED. You may be able reach the whole publication from other sources.

LinkDescription, Chiu & Lo: Effects of moisture content of food waste on residue separation, larval growth and larval survival in black soldier fly bioconversion, Swift & Field: Opportunities and hurdles of edible insects for food and feed, Tomberlin, Diener, Zurbrügg & Mathys: Decomposition of biowaste macronutrients, microbes, and chemicals in black soldier fly larval treatment: A review 2017. Effective Technological Equipment for Mass Production
of Entomophagous Insects and Mites Used for Biological Control et al. 2019 Evaluation of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) Larvae and Pre-Pupae Raised on Household Organic Waste, as Potential Ingredients for Poultry Feed